idl2idl Compiler

For convenient processing of IDL-3 specifications together with CIDL specifications, the compiler tool idl2idl is developed in this project. In dependence from command line options, the tool provides the generation of all required IDL and CIDL mappings.

The compilation of an IDL-3 specification, required for implementation as well as for usage of a component, produces the following output :

A file named name.idl results in name_implied.idl containing the equivalent IDL mapping and Servants_name.h and Servants_name.cpp containing the container specific servant implementations.
Currently unsupported IDL-3 features are :

The compilation of a CIDL specification produces the following output :

The compilation of a file named name.cidl results in local_object_name.idl for the local IDL specification and produces for each specified composition a ccd file containing the CORBA Component Descriptor and a header and cpp file containing the business code. The file names are build from the full qualification of the composition, followed by the appropriate file suffix. A composition C in a module M results in M_C.ccd, M_C.h and M_C.cpp.
Currently supported CIDL features are :

The usage of idl2idl offers several options. The command line is idl2idl [options] filename where filename identifies an IDL-3 file (suffix idl) or a CIDL file (suffix cidl). The most important options are :

-b arg
[ implementation code only for the composition arg]
[ generate no servants ]
[ generate no equivalent IDL ]
-I arg
[ include directory for IDL files ]